GE - Senographe Pristina - Digital Mammography

Senographe Pristina - Reshape the mammography experience with a sensitive design

Features :
  • 3D Mammography
  • Superior diagnostic accuracy
  • Digital Breast Thomosynthesis (DBT) is making it easier to spot breast cancer
  • With Seno IrisTM you can improve your reading workflow
  • Senographe Pristina is the ONLY FDA approved 3D mammography that delivers at the same low dose as 2D FFDM
  • Enhanced Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE)
  • Molybdenum/Rhodium dual track tube
  • Automatic Optimization of parameters (AOP) transparently selects all parameters based on breast radiological properties
  • Mammography is vital to cancer detection and diagnosis. That's why radiologists will appreciate Senographe PristinaTM's 3D breast tomosynthesis
  • capability, which achieves exceptional image quality at the same dose as standard 2D mammography.