GE - OEC Elite CFD - Mobile C-Arm

OEC Elite CFD - Mobile C-Arm

Features :
  • CMOS Detector
  • Actual Size Detector Available with 21x21 cm or 31x31 cm
  • 32" ultra-high definition 4K display
  • Independent Workstation
  • Articulating Monitor. Comfortable Viewing
  • 1.5k x 1.5k camera
  • Available for Cardiac
  • 15 KW generator
  • Sleek X-Ray tube housing design enables up to 22% larger FOV
  • Heat managed with Split-Block design that separates X-ray tube and generator
  • No Binning: The Key to Full Resolution at Full Frame Rate
  • More Data. The Power behind OEC Elite CFDs High IQ
  • Intelligent Dose Control
  • Clinical preference (Orthopedic, Spine, General Surgery, Urology, Pain Management, Vascular, Cardiac).